RoRo route from north to west without reloading. Calls at several strategically located ports in Belgium and England, with the possibility of intermodal transport on the Continent and the UK. Operated by two ships with weekly departure from each port. Capacity: 2,774 lane meters per departure.

Timetable for Oulu - Kemi - Jacobstad - Lübeck - Antwerpen - Gothenburg - Zeebrugge - Tilbury - Zeebrugge


Port Arrival Time Departure Time
Oulu Thursday 20:00 Friday 09:00
Kemi Friday 13:30 Friday 21:30
Jacobstad Saturday 07:00 Saturday 12:00
Lübeck Monday 13:00 Monday 19:00
Gothenburg Tuesday 14:00 Tuesday 20:00
Zeebrugge Thursday 04:00 Thursday 09:00
Tilbury Thursday 17:00 Friday 03:00
Zeebrugge Saturday 08:00 Saturday 16:00


Port Arrival Time Departure Time
Kemi Thursday 05:00 Thursday 21:00
Oulu Friday 05:00 Saturday 12:00
Antwerp Thursday 06:00 Friday 12:00
Zeebrugge Friday 22:00 Saturday 21:00
Gothenburg Monday 07:00 Monday 13:00



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All times are CET.

SOL Continent Line reserves the right to change timetable.

All units must be cleared and ready for loading in the harbour 2 hours before departure.

Classified goods has to be reported at least 24 hrs. before departure.

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