RoRo route from the Nordic region’s largest port directly to Western Europe. Artery to Benelux countries and France, but also to the Continent. Operated by two ships with four departures from each port every week. Capacity 2,600 lane meters per departure.

Timetable for Gothenburg - Zeebrugge
Departure Time Arrival Time
Tuesday 02:00 Wednesday 12:00
Tuesday 20:00 Thursday 10:00
Thursday  05:00 Friday 16:00
Friday 14:00 Sunday 06:00
Sunday 17:00 Tuesday 06:00


Departure Time Arrival Time
Tuesday 15:00 Wednesday 23:00
Wednesday 20:00 Friday 07:00
Friday 23:59 Sunday 11:00
Saturday 21:00 Monday 07:00
Sunday 12:00 Monday 20:00



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All times are CET.

SOL Continent Line reserves the right to change timetable.

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