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Normed's principal route connects Europe with Turkey, Greece and mediterranean.

Normed provides regular liner service with it's own ships as well as other long term chartered vessels with a capacity of 4.700 dwt to 11.000 dwt multipurpose using the latest state of the art technology that are particularly designed for general and project cargoes.

Normed Line meets a wide range of shipping demands, from small parcells to large volume contracts, using modern box-shaped vessels, many of which have portable bulkheads that can separate different cargoes or grades of the same commodity.

We are well aware that logistics, and especially general cargo shipping, is a very difficult business. You can be rest assured that your cargo is in the hands of people with the knowledge to ship your cargo quickly, economically, safely and most efficiently.

Timetable for Normed Lines
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All dates may be altered without notice.

Arrival dates to the ports are approximative and calculated in good faith but not guaranteed.

Direct call to other East Mediterranean ports subject inducement.

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