06 Apr, 2017
SOL Continent Line

Please find below an update regarding the new immigration regulations in all European ports in effect as from 07/04/2017. This message concerns the routines in Zeebrugge.

Please be informed that the new regulations are only applicable regarding passengers or drivers arriving into the terminal by sea / leaving the terminal by sea – and only for passengers / drivers that are citizens in countries that are non-Schengen members.

  • For passengers and drivers departing from Zeebrugge, the Waterway Police will be responsible for checking their identity papers. In order not to delay the operations before sailing, please make sure that the passengers / drivers for which these regulations are applicable will be at the terminal 1(one) hour earlier than the official gate closing.
  • For passengers and drivers arriving to Zeebrugge, please note that their identity papers will have to be controlled by the Waterway Police before they may leave the terminal area.

In the message previously distributed, you were informed that the drivers would have to present themselves at the immigration office in Zeebrugge. This is no longer needed, since the identity papers will instead be controlled by the Waterway Police.

We will revert with further information regarding the routines in Gothenburg.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or comments.

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