23 Mar, 2020

How will logistics be affected by the corona pandemic? SOL’s Managing Director Ragnar Johansson on the flow of goods and the shipping line’s ability to ship them.

“Goods are flowing unhindered”

The Corona pandemic has not affected the flow of goods or our ability to ship them, according to SOL’s Managing Director Ragnar Johansson.

“Despite the global turbulence linked to the covid-19 outbreak, SOL’s operations will continue without major obstacles. Currently, there has been no effect on loads or our ability to meet our customers’ shipping needs.

The flow of goods in the Gulf of Bothnia continues as usual and at the time of writing all ports are still open. No changes have been announced by customers, so in principle it’s business as usual.

Our biggest concern right now is the risk of getting the contagion on board our ships, causing them to be kept in quarantine. Accordingly, in consultation with our crews, we have extended their onboard duty periods to reduce the risk of contagion in conjunction with crew changes.

Working alternative shifts
We have alternating attendance at our office in Gothenburg. Half of the workforce works from home while the other half is at the office, and they switch weekly. The purpose is to ensure operations and service to our customers and to try to help delay the spread of the disease through society as a whole. By alternating attendance in this way, there is no risk of the entire staff falling ill at the same time. We are also avoiding non-business-critical meetings and suspending all business trips for the time being.

Adapting to prevailing circumstances
Future developments are uncertain, and we will monitor the situation closely. Appropriate adjustments will be made as necessary based on prevailing circumstances. We will continue to do our best to meet our customers’ shipping requirements and protect the health of our employees.”

Ragnar Johansson, Managing Director

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