03 Oct, 2017
SOL Continent Line

Dear Customer,

Please be informed that from week 41 we are making a vessel change on our routes in order to optimize the utilization.

Gothenburg – Zeebrugge

The Elisabeth Russ is replaced by Tavastland, with a capacity of 2.800 lane meters and suitable to carry lift units in addition to rolling cargo.

Our schedule will be modified to 8 sailings per week instead of current 9. Route served by Schieborg, Slingeborg, ML Freyja and Tavastland.

Oulu – Kemi - Lübeck

The Tavastland is replaced by Vasaland, with a capacity of 2.100 lane meters.

Continued weekly service.

Oulu – Kemi – Lübeck – Antwerp – Zeebrugge – Tilbury

As a result of the above this service will be performed by 3 vessels, Tundraland, Thuleland and Baltica.

Weekly frequency to respective port remains as today.

The new schedules will be distributed through the normal channels and also uploaded to our webpage.

As always if you have any questions please contact our Customer Service teams in Gothenburg or Zeebrugge.


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